Online course participants must have access to the Internet, a computer with audio and video capabilities, printer and an email address. End of course certificate for online courses are identical to the same course offered in traditional training/workshops. 

Since the online courses have identical course content as the traditional classroom courses; some courses may have a post-test at the end of each module or course.

Using a work email address to sign up on this site is prohibited (please use a personal email address).  

Frequently asked questions

1. Do the online courses cover the same content as the in-person training?

Yes. The training is identical, just more convenient for the participants.

2. Will I get a refund if I fail the posttest?

You will have the opportunity to retake the exam if a satisfactory grade is not achieved.

3. What happens if I use a work email address to sign up for the course?

Your registration will be deleted and you be contacted via email to use another email address.

4. How long do I  have access to the courses?

One Year

5. Are there specific times I can access the training?

You have 24/7 access to all courses and can complete them at your own pace. We strongly suggest you do not use work hours to complete any training/workshop on this site unless a previous arrangement has been made. 

NYS State and Local Sales tax (8.75) will be added to each order, as required by law.